Tell The Story

I am a photographer and filmmaker with a degree in film, based in South Wales. I snap photos and make films capturing your story. I am a TV and film extra and LOVE cycling!


Having worked on cruise ships since 2016, I have lived ‘the dream’ photographing events ranging from formal dinners and weddings to bespoke photoshoots and travel photography. With colourful sunsets, intricately decorated interiors, and picturesque landscapes… working at sea really is a photographers paradise!

Being self-employed before joining ships, I worked with Coca-cola and The Welsh Rugby Union.

Filming and photographing weddings and bespoke photoshoots stole my heart! Sharing these incredible moments with people is what I am undoubtedly drawn too. Their stories are similar to my own. Passionate people who enjoy the simpler things in life; Making memories in the fresh air whilst sharing smiles and laughter.

....back to “reality” in 2019!


Now living on dry land, I aim to bring the high standard of cruising home through high-quality films and photographs that you are proud to show off. Whether it’s reliving the emotions of your big day, a snappy promotional film of your business for social media, or a short film documenting your event… you can rely on me, Henry Bird, to deliver.

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Ceri Moore

Mother of Jasper Thomas Banfield

Jasper’s shoot with Henry was relaxed and fun. I was worried about how cooperative my 8day old would be and what would happen if he was crying, needed changing or feeding, but I needn’t have worried. Henry was flexible; pausing when Jasper was feeding, and talking about what we could try next.


Henry had a way of making the whole thing seem natural with small pointers of where to stand. Mostly it was just me cuddling Jasper and revelling in his new-born face, which Henry captured beautifully! 


I felt very comfortable while he was shooting. I usually avoid having candid photos taken with me in, however, Henry was skilled at making Jasper the focus of the pictures in such a way that I didn’t mind being in them too! 


Shortly after the shoot, Henry sent us a beautiful wooden box and USB with all of our shots, and I can honestly say I’ve never loved a set of photos so much before!

I would 100% recommend HBirdsEyeView to anyone considering a newborn shoot!

Tasha Jones

General Manager

Bannatyne Health Club and Spa Cardiff

Henry approached me with an idea to do a promotional Christmas video for all our guests and members of 2019. I was instantly on-board and excited by Henry's vision!


Henry scripted, planned, developed and recorded the entire process with professionalism and in precise detail. He is unquestionably a perfectionist, and his work is a credit to his patience and passion.


The outcome was much more than I had expected. The video has already reached over 1,000 views in such a short amount of time. It encompasses everything we are as a club, and for that, I am thankful.

Henry, you are a superstar and a real asset to the club, thank you,