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HI! I'm Henry Bird, a photographer and filmmaker with love for the little things in life! Between 2016-’19, I worked on cruise liners developing my skills. I photographed weddings and engagements, studio portraits, and created location films of the ports. With colourful sunsets, and picturesque landscapes… working at sea is a creative’s dream!


Photographing weddings stole my heart. I loved hearing how a couple first met, witnessing their “I Do’s”, then spending 45minutes in a relaxed, heartwarming walkabout using my camera to tell their story. It’s a beautiful world full of happiness, love and cwtches!


This also rings true for my commissioned work. While in port, I became passionate about supporting small businesses. Commercially, whereas words and pictures grab attention, I truly believe I will capture a film that not only represents your company’s ethos, but help your passion, hard work and personality shine through!


So... want to share the emotions of your big day, or pass your passion on to your customers… I’d love to hear more about you and together, we can create, capture and tell new stories... your story!

Ceri Moore

"Jasper’s shoot with Henry was relaxed and fun... I was worried about how cooperative my 8day old would be, but Henry was flexible; pausing when Jasper was feeding, and talking about what we could try next.


I usually avoid having candid photos taken with me in, however, Henry was skilled at making Jasper the focus of the pictures in such a way that I didn’t mind being in them too!


I can honestly say I’ve never loved a set of photos so much before!"

Tasha Jones

"Henry approached me with an idea to do a promotional Christmas video for all our guests and members of 2019. I was instantly on-board and excited by Henry's vision!


Henry scripted, planned, developed and recorded the entire process with professionalism and in precise detail.


The outcome was more than I had expected. The video reached over 1,000 views and it encompasses everything we are as a club, and for that, I am thankful."

General Manager

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